My Yoga Leggings – The Reviews

Yoga leggings. Has there ever been a better creation!? The levels of comfort and possibilities for spontaneous yoga they provide is second to none and if it wasn’t for having to wear a uniform at work, I would spend my entire life in these stretchy bundles of joy (hence the name of the blog – see what I did there?!)

The internet is drowning in yoga leggings and Instagram is always bursting with new designers or new prints to get us to part with our cash for. Unfortunately, in the UK at least, there aren’t many of these brands sold in stores where you can go in and try them out; check out the material, the length and the crucial wide leg forward fold test. Over the past year my temptations have given in on a few occasions and I have my fair share of some of the popular brands you see on IG. I know that before I bought them I had all those anxieties of ‘will they fit?’, ‘will my butt crack insist on busting out of them?’, ‘are they worth the money?’ so in the hope of helping some of you guys make some more informed decisions I’m sharing my experience of the few that I’ve indulged in.

I’ll be sharing my own measurements as well as the measurements of the size I bought, what I think of the material, the fit, their suitability for yoga and how I feel all this weighs up with their value for money.


My Measurements

As much as this pains me, below are my measurements as I feel this will be really useful for people to compare themselves with when trying to judge sizing.

Waist: 28 inches / 71 cm

Widest part around bum: 38 inches / 96 cm

Inner leg length down to lumpy part of the ankle: 32 inches / 81 cm


K Deer

These are an American brand whose sales contribute to a charity associated with who the leggings are named after. A really wonderful sentiment.

I ordered the ‘Alexis Stripe’ (but still dream about the Sophia) after seeing @jbreton22 look freaking amazing in them.


Pros: They are designed to be high waisted and ‘heel huggers’ and live up to both expectations. Even with my leg length they go over my heel with plenty of excess and they cover the muffin top. Print is beautiful, fabric is soft and fast drying, and they have a nice compression feel to them. Tight squeeze to get in but then very flattering and comfortable.

Cons: I find sometimes the waist band fold down slightly during practice due to all the movement of bending and twisting. Its not that the leggings fall down, the top section just doubles over and can be a little unflattering. They are designed as ‘flat front’ leggings which is to prevent the dreaded camel-toe. It certainly achieves that but something about the cut of this means that when you sit down it creates a weird V shape over your front which I think looks kinda weird…

Size Ordered: Small

Cost: Not cheap – around £75. And then you have to add in shipping costs and potentially exchange rates as I couldn’t find a UK based retailer at the time.

Overall Opinion: One of my favourite pairs. They look awesome, fit great and don’t require much fidgeting at all throughout hardcore classes. Worth the dollar.



A Swedish based brand who can ship to the UK and US directly for reasonable rates. I think they also have an Australian version for you people down under. I bought the Leo High-Waisted.


Pros: The print of these are what caught my eye and they have some really awesome designs. The fabric is super smooth and soft and the logo is actually part of the print so you can wash them as many times as you like without worrying about cracking/peeling. The high waist band can be folded down for variety.

Cons: The fact the waist band folds could be the reason the fit round the waist isn’t great. If worn at full height the top is quite baggy, I guess this allows space to fold down over the wider hips but doesn’t look so great. Worn in either way, these leggings don’t really stay up for me. I feel like the length from gusset to waistband isn’t long enough, the lower edge of the waistband sits too low and cuts into mid-butt which doesn’t stand a chance of staying still with all the yoga wiggles. They are also quite short despite aiming to be full length. I know I’m tall, but this is all comparatively to other brands and I don’t like wearing these leggings without leg warmers. My ankles get cold.

Size Ordered: Small

Cost: Cheaper than some other brands at around £50-£60.

Overall Opinion: Sorry Aim’n, I pretty much never wear these leggings so personally wouldn’t recommend them. Their prints are great and the fabric quality is really good but the fit wasn’t up to scratch for me.

Alo Yoga

Another American brand (you lucky people) who, as the name suggests, are specifically designed for yoga. They ship internationally from their own website and there are also a few UK based online retailers. I have the ‘Goddess’ leggings. In three different colours…


Pros: These fit like a dream. The top section is a thicker more compression-like material which claims to slim the thighs and uplift the bum both of which it does fantastically – they are so flattering. The lower section is ribbed stretchy cotton which can wrap around the heel if you like that kinda thing or just remained scrunched at the ankle. They aren’t high waisted but sit on the hips and somehow have an ability to be loose  enough to not dig in and emphasise a muffin top but tight enough to not fall down at all.

This may be a pro for some but a con for others but these leggings are a bit warmer than some of the other brands due to the thicker material, I prefer this in the UK climate so it just depends on your environment.

Cons: There’s so many colours its really hard to decide which you like best.

No but seriously, I’m not sure there’s anything bad I have to say about these leggings. I don’t own any light colours personally but I have heard from others that the white/light pink top can be a little bit see through when put to the forward fold test.

Size Ordered: Small

Cost: UK websites sell them for just under £70 so towards the top end for yoga leggings. I have never ordered them directly from Alo so unsure of how the pricing translates from there.

Overall Opinion: Hands down my favourite leggings. Hence why I have three pairs! More than worth the money, and if you find any in the sale you are getting the best bargain of your life!! (And no I’m not on commission here but I’m being so nice I damn well should be!)



These are an Australian based brand but seem to sell from various retailers all over the world. I bought the ‘Candy Cubes Full Length Leggings’.


Pros: These guys have some really gorgeous prints. The ‘full length’ legging is rather accurate as even at my height, they reach the bottom of my ankles (just). The fabric is really soft, completely non-see through and dries quickly which is great for sweaty sessions. The waistband is mid-height which is high enough for my bum to remain for my eyes only.

Cons: Similarly to the K-Deer, the waist band has a slight tendency to fold down a little with movement but again this isn’t actually the leggings falling down, I never have to pull them up, and it’s probably just due to my layer of ‘warmth reserves’ pushing it down.

Size Ordered: Small

Cost:  Around £60. I think they have a huge sale on at the moment though just FYI!

Overall Opinion: I really like these leggings. The fit is great and the prints are beautiful. The cost is on par with other brands and I feel the quality is too.



I’m assuming this is another American brand as that seems to be the theme here but again, to my knowledge they retail all over the world. I have the ‘Starburst Long Leggings’.


Pros: The reason I have so many leggings is the fact I fall in love with the print so its of no surprise that Onzie also have a wide array of awesome designs. I believe they were originally created for hot yoga so are made of that smooth silky fabric that whips moisture away from your skin and dries quickly. They are plenty long, they just about hook over my heel but I prefer to keep these at my ankles.

Cons: The waistband sits a little lower than some other brands and I sometimes find myself pulling them up a little bit, but my bum never makes an appearance, I just think if I were to have designed them myself I would’ve added an extra centimeter or two. Those with bigger butts might find this to be more of an issue than me.

Size Ordered: Small/Medium

Cost: Around £50 so on the cheaper end of the scale.

Overall Opinion: Taking into consideration these are also the cheapest leggings I’ve reviewed I feel they are a great deal. I love them. They fit really well, the fabric is great so overall good value for money.


I hope this has been somewhat useful for some of you. I know I would have really loved an unbiased opinion before buying some of these but overall I have had positive experiences with taking a leap of faith and parting with my hard earned cash. Please bear in mind that this is just my opinion of these leggings on my body and therefore not everyone’s experience will be the same, I know people who LOVE their aim’n leggings and people who haven’t really rated their Onzies. As my collection expands I’ll be sure to add reviews of them too so watch this space! And in the mean time if anyone wants to send me free leggings, then I’m totally cool with that too…

8 thoughts on “My Yoga Leggings – The Reviews

  1. I LOVE this post. I’ve often wondered about these brands myself. I also love that you used the words “camel toe” and “muffin top.” So so true. Love you!


    1. Aww thank you so much!! I will do another leggings post once I have accumulated some more brands, but in the mean time I can confirm my Niyama Sol are my ULTIMATE favourite ♥♥♥


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