Thoughts of a Hypocritical Meat Eater

I’m currently sat at Bordeaux airport, waiting for my flight home after spending 5 days in the middle of France for a friends wedding and with all this time to myself I decided to put my thoughts into writing and share my current mental dilemma with you all.

The last 5 days I have been essentially camping in the middle of no where; the wedding venue had a ‘rustic’ theme so think compost toilets and cold showers and you’ve pretty much got it! And at the beginning of the week we were asked if we wanted to chip in to have BBQ’d lamb one evening. Simple enough right? Not so much. I digress.

I’m not a vegetarian; I eat meat reasonably often although I would probably say my regular diet is slightly more weighted towards vegetarian dishes. I’ve never particularly liked the idea of eating animals but somehow that conscience hasn’t had a strong enough effect on me and I feel pretty guiltless when I tuck into my chicken fajitas or a burger off the BBQ. But this whole opinion was thrown into turmoil this week when we were told it was little Phillipe who is currently in the back garden who would become dinner.

Now my description of events is clearly bias to my opinion on the matter, but it went a little like this: little Phillipe was pulled from his herd in the field, dragged into the barn and pinned down on to a table. He was stunned with a shock to the head to disable him and then the butcher slit his throat. His legs were then quickly lopped off above the knee so if there were any post-death muscle spasms then little Phillipe would be unable to get his final revenge on those pinning him down. His head is cut off, he is gutted and skinned and left to hang in the barn for a day or so before being prepared for cooking. And how do I know all this in such detail?! Because everyone was invited to watch. As though it was for entertainment?! Could you argue it gave them more of an appreciation for what they were then to eat? Create a little more gratitude for what they take for granted? Perhaps. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I doubt you’re surprised to learn I declined the offer to watch and was able to hear all about it afterwards from others but all of this just sounded barbaric to me. Totally barbaric. So then – why was I happy enough to say I would take the chicken option please…

Why do I feel differently to eat chicken or sausages? Those animals have also been slaughtered for human consumption but I guess it’s the detachment from the event that appears to make it all seem okay to me. If I had had to watch the pigs being killed before eating a sausage would I be kindly declining those too? I feel I should be. I feel I should be a vegetarian due to the fact I was really unhappy about the lamb situation. I am an absolute hypocrite for personally feeling that the treatment of that lamb was unacceptable yet tucking into different animals without batting an eyelid. Although that said, as I ate the BBQ’d chicken that evening, the death of the animal in front of me definitely crossed my mind and left me with an uneasy feeling.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this blog post, it doesn’t have a conclusion, an answer, a solution. It’s just my thoughts and if anyone has any insight on the topic, I’d love to hear what your opinion is. I keep thinking ‘oh I should just turn vegetarian once and for all’ but then that very selfish side of my brain says ‘but damn I LOVE chicken fajitas’ and I’m back to square one. Is this heart vs head? Or maybe stomach vs heart…?

I’m gunna leave it here and think a little longer.

Namasté y’all 🙏🏼

3 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Hypocritical Meat Eater

  1. There are TASSSTTTTTYYYYY veggie fajitas too, which will also make your heart happy 🙂
    I haven’t eaten meat for 13 years so it’s just ingrained by now that meat is not food (it’s someone’s body parts), but I recently saw a meme or something that was saying, yes you might miss dairy..but not as much as the baby calf misses it’s mom, because he’s swiftly taken away to leave HIS milk for us humans to consume.
    But I am not a preachy person and have never tried to change anyone’s eating habits. So you do you! Just seems like you might have some compassion and if you really sink into that, every time you tuck into a vegetarian dish instead you’ll feel GREAT about yourself and your choices and not like a hypocrite at all 🙂


  2. Hello, Came across this blog through your insta account. The Phillipe incident appears to be another step in the direction of what feels right to you. It may be that you realise that meat is your thing and you continue in that direction or you might be closer to that final decision to move on from meat.
    Many say that as they go deeper into their yoga practice (in particular beyond the asana) they feel a deeper connection to the world, to nature, to animals. They feel more compassionate towards others. This might be something happening for you.
    Your question is really, how important is it, for all the areas of my life, to make the right dietary choices. Answer that question and then take it from there.



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