My Yoga Leggings – The Reviews PART TWO

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I posted a blog update! I’ve been busy moving house, trying to establish my yoga teaching business, getting a new puppy, and basically trying not to trip over my own feet in life. But one thing that has remained constant is my love for my yoga leggings and since my last blog post reviewing my various branded leggings my collection has somewhat expanded and perhaps some opinions have shifted with the grace of time. I know a lot of you found the original super helpful when trying to decide whether or not to part with your well earned cash so here we go; My Yoga Leggings – The Reviews PART TWO!

So just as a refresher, here are my measurements (I’ve not actually taken them at this moment of typing, and I am SINCERELY hoping it doesn’t end in tears when comparing it back to my original blog post!). I will be sharing what size I ordered, my opinion of the material, the fit, their practicality for yoga, their value for money and my overall opinion of the company.

Waist: 29 inches / 73cm (I gained an INCH?! OK so maybe I did have a takeaway last night…)

Widest part around bum: 37 inches / 93cm (Oh typical, the one part of my body I wouldn’t mind being a bit bigger, and it got smaller..)

Inner leg length down to the lumpy part of the ankle: 32 inches/ 81cm



So hold back the tears but Teeki UK has actually stopped trading now *sob*. No idea what what wrong there but they are still going strong in the US and widely available from third party retailers in the UK. They are a super eco-friendly brand, with all their products being made from 100% recycled materials.

I have the ‘Woodstock’ print and coincidentally, from a completely different purchase I also have the matching top which I have in Large. The top is a bit baggy around my ribs but a good fit across my chest. It’s also the same material as the leggings (very thin!) so I actually wear a sports bra under it for modesty. Anyway I digress, back to the leggings. Personal preference means there aren’t too many Teeki prints I like but these are super cute.

Firefly / Tittibhasana

Pros: As I said, the material is really thin. Now some people may class this as a ‘Con’, but I like to have some leggings which are super lightweight for wearing to hot yoga or outside on the approximately 2 days a year that its hot in the UK… And despite the thickness, they aren’t see through (to my knowledge!).

The waistband is nice and thick (a MUST) so sits flatteringly over the lower tummy and hips without pinching in and accentuating any softness you carry in that area. As you will read below, I actually ordered a Medium despite wearing Smalls in all other brands as I read a lot about them running small to size, however in hindsight I should’ve ignored the reviews (oh the irony!!), my waistband is slightly loose but it felt unfair to list that as a ‘Con’ as its my own fault for opting a size up.

Cons: I have long legs, there’s no question of it that my legs are far longer than the average female across the world, so it seems a little harsh to say these are too short, but I’m only being honest as I will be with all the other brands. One of my biggest hates of leggings is them being too short, I like my ankles to feel part of the party and Teekis leave them out. However they are upfront with their sizing and list the inseam as 26″ so you’ll easily be able to tell whether this will apply to you.

My biggest gripe with these leggings however is the seam between the waistband and the legs. I believe I had a similar moan on the last post about my Aim’n leggings, but this seam just doesn’t sit high enough above my bum. Conversely to my legs, I actually have quite a small bum so I see no reason why they would do this but it causes them to fall down when I move, particularly forward folding. I’m forever wanting to pull them up higher so that the seam would sit above my bum however that just causes some mighty unattractive riding up all over the place!

Size Ordered: Medium

Cost: I was a lucky yogi who was gifted these by @drishtiyogalab for hosting a challenge they were sponsoring but these retail for around £55 which is on the lower end of the ‘yoga leggings brands’ scale.

Overall Opinion: If I had paid money for these leggings I would be much more disappointed but it’s hard to be upset by a freebie, but unfortunately that means I’m unlikely to order Teeki’s ever again unless they a) make them longer and b) change their waistband proportions.


Another eco-friendly brand, hallelujah! Another recycled plastic bottles brand made and sold in the US. For those of us in the UK, unfortunately there aren’t any retailers over here so shipping costs and potential import taxes can make these unreasonably expensive. For the Americans amount us, count yourselves lucky.

I have the ‘Blue Swirls’ which I pined over forEVER seeing yogis like @beahappyamy, @jbreton22 and @erinkellyart prance around in their beauty so I eventually bit the bullet and treated myself.

Con: They didn’t help get my toes any closer to my head

Pros: Its probably a running theme with these reviews that I gush over the print, that’s usually the reason I buy any leggings at all, but these have got to be one of my all time favourites. The material is also super soft and smooth, and they hug against your skin just the right amount to not fall down but not so much that its pretty humiliating to try and take them off in anyone else’s presence.

A lovely thick and high waistband which again, hides a multitude of sins. Long enough in the leg to come all the way down to my feet and a compression-like feeling in the thighs that mean they don’t fall down when I move! Yay!

Cons: There really aren’t many. To be picky, I do find that sometimes after certain movements like forward folds the waistband has scrunched up slightly and I like to pull it back up and smooth it out but that’s about it. Its probably worth mentioning here that although the leggings are pretty awesome, I have heard too many nightmare stories from other customers saying the LoveZuvi customer service is somewhat shocking. I won’t say much more on the topic as my personal experience was pretty good but I get a strong feeling I was a rare lucky one.

Size Ordered: Small

Cost: $68 full price but they frequently have sales and many IG ambassadors with discount codes so I wouldn’t advise you pay full price. International shipping is $20 and remember you may get stung with import charges in the UK, feel free to message me if you want to know how much mine was.

Overall Opinion: I’m in love. I seriously adore these leggings and they have SO many more prints that I want however with no retailers in the UK it’s all a bit pricey to order any more. Again, be warned that the customer service is probably the worst out there but if that’s not important to you then no problem!



An Australian brand who retail all over the world which gets BIG thumbs up from me! I get upset when companies forget about UK yogis. I reviewed DharmaBums in my first post however I have since acquired another pair and wish to update you all!

I have since added the ‘Shattered Crystal Full Length HIGH WAIST Leggings’ to my collection and I’ve put that bit in bold because it made all the difference. My first pair were standard height waist, I had only owned them a week or so before my first review and so I hadn’t yet learnt how unflattering they could be. They have a tendency to fall down and they cut me off right at my most unflattering point. However DharmaBums sucked me in with one of their sales and I bought another pair, but this time a high waisted version!

Hollowback Pincha Mayurasana

Pros: All the Pros of my previous DharmaBums; great length, lovely material, non see-through and beautiful prints but now with an added bonus of a flattering waist band! I risk sounding really samey here, but anyone who wears yoga leggings knows the crucial-ness (is that a word?!) of a good waist band so its definitely worth the mention.

Cons: Ummm not sure I have any? Maybe a little tight round the waist? But if I quit eating my body weight in biscuits every day then that wouldn’t be so much of an issue…

Size Ordered: Small

Cost: Around £50-£60 from various UK retailers. I believe you can buy directly from them in the UK too now!

Overall Opinion: Great leggings, totally worth the expense as they’re somewhat cheaper than other brands and you won’t be compromising on quality. I’ve somehow found myself on the DharmaBums website whilst typing this…



Another brand that I wanted to update on! Last time I gave Onzie a pretty good review and since then I have also attained the ‘Balinese High Rise Long Leggings’. Maybe worth a mention here too that despite having some lovely designs, Onzie tops don’t live up to to their leggings reputation in my opinion. I know I have a larger chest than many, but even their largest size sports bras don’t fit me. HUGE shame.

King Pigeon / Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Pros: I already loved my regular waist Onzies but wished the waist band was higher, so when these came into my life, my prayers had been answered. Possibly my favourite waistband of all brands! Onzie were originally designed for hot yoga and you can tell; they wick moisture away from your skin so fast and as you get sweaty they just stick to your skin more and more (thats a good thing incase you aren’t a hot yoga person). But even in my home practice these are still awesome, I barely have to fiddle with them at all. They’ve got the length, the waistband and the awesome prints, I really need to add more to my collection.

Cons: Dare I say it, NONE!

I just paused for a moment there to seriously contemplate what I don’t like about these leggings and I stand by my statement.

Size Ordered: Small/Medium

Cost: Around £55, an absolute bargain for the quality.

Overall Opinion: I may have found myself my favourite leggings brand. But then again…



As tradition has it, I’ve saved the best to last (although I’m SERIOUSLY considering putting Onzie here instead). NiyamaSol are a relatively new brand who operate from Las Vegas who are, yet again, and eco-friendly brands who make their leggings from recycled plastic bottles. I was originally drawn to them when I saw @lolathlete rocking the Traveler leggings on IG but being another US company, shipping and import taxes put them financially out of reach. Lucky for me I had a holiday to the US planned to visit my IG bestie @moj88 so I took full advantage of her postal address and we both got the ‘Traveler Endless Leggings’.



Pros: Where do I start?! So I guess firstly, the print is awesome. These are compliment magnets. The material is one of my favourite around, they are thin enough to be light-weight and not make you over heat but thick enough to provide essential coverage as well as a compression like cling to make you feel like you just lost an inch off your thighs. Which also means they don’t fall down in the slightest, a rare pair of leggings which when worn, you can actually stand in Tadasana and not use that moment to readjust your clothing. I know you all do it too!! Also, the waist band is to die for. Perfect height, perfect elasticity, doesn’t bunch up or roll down, totally flattering. And it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but the endless leggings are heel-huggers, i.e they are long enough to go round your ankle, which I LOVE.

Cons: They don’t retail in the UK *SOB*

Size Ordered: Small

Cost: $82 and international shipping is $30 so unfortunately, they’re expensive. But without the delivery charge they are worth every penny! However they have free international delivery if you spend over $100, so you could do your yoga wardrobe a favour and buy 2! Also at time of writing this I do believe they have a sale on too, GO GO GO!

Overall Opinion: NiyamaSol you are awesome. Your leggings are spot on and your customer service is second to none. I already have 2 pairs and I am eagerly awaiting the postman for my third.

Yep, so in love, I got them in 2 colours.

Happy shopping yogi’s! I hope I’ve helped you make some exciting purchases!

x x x x x

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