Online Yoga Tuition

For those who are looking for a yoga teacher to help them with their practice, I am making the best use I can out of this fine thing called the internet and offering my teaching online!

Going to a studio class isn’t always an option for many, and for those new to the practice it can be incredibly intimidating. Maybe there are specific things you would like to work on in your current practice and are after a little help. No matter your experience, I would love to help you with whatever you are trying to achieve with your yoga practice. Here’s how it works.



FaceTime or Skype.

You will need a good internet connection so WiFi is recommended. You can either use the webcam on a laptop or the front facing camera on a tablet. A smartphone would be sufficient but bear in mind your visual of me will be mini-sized!

What do I need:

A yoga mat! Two blocks are recommended but not essential.

A space big enough to be able to roll out your mat, and to be able to place the camera far enough away for the mat to be able to fit in frame. I have a microphone attached to my camera so you are able to hear my voice clearly without needing to continually glance at the screen.


What will we do:

Each session is tailored to your specific needs. Before our first class we can discuss your expectations and goals via email so I can put together a plan.

There is no specific structure the class has to take; we can do guided vinyasa flow sequences for all-round strength & flexibility, workshop style tutorials for certain poses (e.g. Handstand) or sequences tailored to specific areas you wish to target.


How long:

50 minutes.

How much:

£45 to be paid via PayPal in advance. Charged at PayPal’s currency conversion rate at time of payment. (Approx $57USD)