About Me


I haven’t always been into yoga. For most my life I only knew it as a fancy word for stretching! I was never a dancer, went to about 5 gymnastics classes as a kid and would often consider faking illness when ‘dance’ was on the agenda in class at school. Yet despite that, I somehow gave this thing called yoga a go, and the addiction just took off from there…

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I’ve been into health & fitness for most my adult life, hop scotching in and out of different methods; clueless cardio queen, go-heavy-or-go-home iron pumper, HIIT it hard gym bunny and most other things in between. I would be harsh on my former self if I said I didn’t enjoy it, for the most part I did, but I was in it solely for the results. If I could stay slim and toned eating Nutella in my jammies on the couch, I would have. But then, I found yoga.

The only way I know how to take a selfie.

Yoga crept its way into my life in December 2015 after watching a girl at my gym glide into a downward dog and effortlessly point her foot directly up to the ceiling. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I decided I wanted some of whatever that was. I had no knowledge of yoga at all, my idea of stretching was holding my foot to my bum for 5 seconds after a run, touching my toes was a hilarious concept and at least 20 years had passed since I’d flung myself upside down in an attempt to stand on my hands. But always keen to try out new things, I dug the WiiFit out and tried out some poses. I started following some yoga pages on Instagram and bit by bit my knowledge grew and bit by bit my love for what I was learning blossomed. Fast-forward to today and I have completed my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in my attempt to do as you are always told to do; follow your heart and do what makes you happy ♥

Liv in Leggings is my quite literally my life. Jeans and other inflexible items of clothing have long since disappeared from my wardrobe and an addiction to leggings which my bank account disapproves of has crept its way in. So I hope you enjoy my page, even if its only for the pretty leggings on display. Feel free to get in touch for any questions, queries, or just some general chit chat. ♥